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King's Field: The Ancient City

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Обсудим эту игр.Играл понравилась, но пройти всю не смог, жутко хардкорная, только половину осилил.Игра для пс2.
An accursed idol that's responsible for destroying an ancient race has resurfaced to wreak havoc among the kingdoms of man. It's up to you to return the idol to the Ancient City to break its curse, but many obstacles stand in your way. With your powerful sword, you must battle through more than 100 monsters. Should the sword fail, you have spells, items, and armor to serve you in your quest. Treasures await the warrior bold enough to attempt the journey, strong enough to face the minions of death, and wise enough to follow the path of light.

Re: King's Field: The Ancient City

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не знал что Кингс Филд на второй плехе выходил - я в него только на первой играл